Somewhere deep inside the logs...

Your team is all aboard with your new git workflow and you’ve been awarded the monthly Code Shark award, congratulations! Now you can buy that exotic fish that you were saving up for. But, just as it finally felt like smooth sailing for your team, a report came in to your Security Response Center about a potential vulnerability in your application.

Your boss was so impressed with your previous work that you’ve now been tasked with confirming the vulnerability. You’ve been given access to the massive log files that Daily D’eel stores in their data warehouse. You’ll need to discover if any vulnerabilities exist by parsing the logs.

Be thorough, you don’t want to miss the attack vector. It’s up to you to find the vulnerability so that your team can confine any would-be attackers to the brig. Good luck!

Download the Logs.

You can download the logs in question by clicking the link below. To save space, they've been compressed into a Zip archive.

Warning: This is a large file (~270 MB zipped, ~2.2 GB unzipped). Make sure you have enough disk space available before starting this challenge.

A helpful hint appears!

One of the other programmers mentioned a few tools that could be helpful in your search. Maybe you should read up on them if you're running into trouble.

  • Awk - a program that you can use to select particular records in a file and perform operations upon them.
  • Grep - prints lines that contain a match for a pattern.
  • Sed - a stream editor for filtering and transforming text.